January 26, 2008

Catholic Priest does not respond as “Loving Pastor of His flock”

Subject:   Catholic Priest exposed on tape mistreats parishioner in personal meeting & denies allegation of surveillance of church on his home personal computer

 Audio Track: Meeting with the Pastor in person – 4.8M


Catholic Priest caught on tape during meeting with a parishioner. Priest displays frustration and contempt towards this person who inquired why others and he were terminated from the Life-Teen music group. Priest was questioned about surveillance of Church on his home personal computer without consent from the parishioners may be in violation of the Privacy Act. This matter was brought to this individual’s attention by a staff member @ Spirit of Christ Catholic Community. Fr. David Blue Jacket denied the allegation on tape and displayed anger.


Letter forwarded to the Vatican:  


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Cardinal Dario Castrillon Hoyos

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Please forward this email to: Cardinal Julián Herranz, President emeritus of the Pontifical Council for Legislative Texts, President of the Disciplinary Commission of the Roman Curia


Letter addressed to the Vatican:

It is necessary to inform you, your Excellencies in the best interest, by-passing all the red tape and mainstream politics existing in the American Catholic Church in the State of Colorado in the Diocese of Denver regarding new Priest and Music Director @ Spirit of Christ Catholic Community located @ 7400 West 80th Avenue Arvada, Colorado 80003 Expressing matters of grave importance concerning in how issues are handled in this parish and what stewardship is all about.

According to Pastor Fr. David Blue Jacket’s knowledge and understanding that members of this music group were offered a choice to move onto other music groups of the church. That goes to say other music groups would accept these members who were let go from “Rock of Salvation” Life-teen music group under the new music director who decided to select other musicians for his own personal agenda.

Music group “Rock of Salvation” was developed under the previous music director leadership at Spirit of Christ who is a professional musician and decided to seek other employment. He requested members to support the new music director and not leave the group.

Note: Most of the members from “Rock of Salvation” were the original people who wanted to continue performing in there group at the Life-Teen Mass and do not want to move on to another group in the church. Basically these members were just pushed aside by this new music director with Fr. David’s awareness expressed on the audio tape.

Fr. David Blue Jacket appears not supportive of these previous members of this music group, and he finds ways to cover-up and smooth over his own intentions and motives. Fr. David displayed fire in his eyes and contempt toward this individual as the meeting came to a conclusion, not to mention perjury on tape.

This individual inquired about surveillance of the entire church observed in Fr. David’s residence on his home personal computer may be in strict violation of the privacy act. This was made known by an informer from Spirit of Christ Catholic Community who believes this could be in violation of the privacy act as well.

Understanding the necessity for surveillance of church property is well noted and accepted only within the confines of the parish office. Fr. David Blue Jacket denied on tape this allegation and displayed to the individual distrust concerning the entire meeting. This meeting took place on Friday November 2nd 2007 @ 11:45 a.m.

The fact of the matter Fr. David displayed inappropriate behavior by brushing-off this individual and claiming this meeting is over expressing anger in his voice and showing anger in his eyes!

Question: Is this the manner priests are trained to represent Christ in the community vowing to his holy orders to cherish and love like Christ? Perhaps not!

Please understand this email is no attempt to discredit or aim personal attacks on your priest or the church. An investigation may be warranted concerning this incident and perhaps may avoid leaving another blemish on Spirit of Christ record. A response to these allegations is requested, and necessary as an overseer to insure this matter does not occur again.

You may notify the Most Rev. Charles Chaput, O.F.M. Cap Archbishop of Denver and inform him of these matters would be most appropriate. This situation may reveal some consequences if not taken seriously other actions may be considered to resolve the problem surrounding this incident.

Note: There have been no issues concerning personalities or problems regarding members of this music group.

Thank you for your attention to these matters. With intervention on your part may help get to the bottom of this matter and resolve these issues which concerns new music director and Fr. David Blue Jacket who may have some serious issues dealing with individuals when called to accountability. Fr. David is called to serve with patience expressing the love of Christ in him!

View letter addressed to Catholic Priest @ Spirit of Christ Catholic Community:

Fr. David:

We feel it is necessary and important to share this email with you concerning this individual who was a member with the life-teen music group. As you can see in her email message sent to everyone in the music group that was addressed to new music director expressing her feelings after being told all members in the “Rock of Salvation” music group for the Life-Teen Mass are being replaced. The new music director notified the rest of us in personal meetings we had with him we will be replaced by new musicians he interviewed.

Note: Before previous music director resigned we recall his request asking each of us not to quit stay in the group and support this new director as we supported him! Now we are being pushed aside!

Fr. David Most of us contributed faithfully in stewardship for this community as the previous music director requested, and as you expressed so eloquently in your homily a few weeks ago as well as today @ the 5:00 Life-Teen Mass the value of stewardship giving our time, talent and treasures to the Christian community for the Glory of God! Is this the way to express thanks and appreciation to members of this music group who gave there time, talents and efforts faithfully as servants and stewards as was requested by previous music director?

Fr. David few of us feel it is necessary and important to have a meeting with you expressing our feelings and concerns regarding this new development under your guidance and leadership as a pastor. We know the buck stops with you and know your awareness of this development. Please feel free to call or email us so we may schedule a time to meet with you on theses issues. One member expressed his views and concerns to your liturgist on Saturday October 27, 2007 and she was surprised in this new development suggesting this individual contact you and convey his concerns regarding the new music director’s endeavors. The individual informed the liturgist about what transpired in a phone conference meeting he had with the new music director on Saturday the 27th around 1:00 p.m. which this individual was scheduled to have a meeting in person with the music director on Sunday the 28th at 3:00p.m. The music director called and informed this individual he was not able to meet with him this Sunday and addressed the changes being made for our previous music group to this individual. The music director reminded this person the first time he shared with the group his vision and where he wants this group to go as far as development. The music director feels things are not moving quickly as he anticipated regarding the style: Rhythm in the music he selects for the life-teen Mass. The music director feels it would be best to start fresh with a new group of musicians for the life-teen Mass. We feel this new music director is focusing more on his own interest and personal agenda. We do know he wanted this music group to prosper for personal gain, such as, being selected to do world youth day some time in the future. Is stewardship all about personal Ego’s and personal agenda?

We feel this new music director’s responsibility was to assist our group helping to fill in temporarily and find someone to play the piano! Fr. David this would not fly if he tried to do this with other groups at Spirit of Christ!

We understand this person was hired as a music director to oversee music groups and to assure the liturgical music is planed in accordance to the Liturgy, the Gospel and the readings along with the church calendar year of seasonal events. We look forward in meeting with you concerning our fate as faithful stewards and servants at Spirit of Christ Catholic Community.

View Email letter addressed to: 

Archbishop of Denver

Most Reverend Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M. Cap. 303-715-3129


This email is to inform your Excellency the Summary and attachments that were forwarded to the Vatican regarding events that unfolded a little over a week ago @ Spirit of Christ Catholic Community concerning several issues regarding the Life-Teen music group members who were terminated and no longer performing at this Mass as faithful stewards due to the new music director who replaced the previous music director.

What prompted the letter to the Vatican was not only in how the situation was handled, but in how one member was treated in the meeting with Fr. David Blue Jacket. This person tried to inquire why the new music director was allowed to come in and yank the plug out from underneath the members. Fr. David chose not to answer the question with a question: “Why don’t you ask him”. This person wanted to follow up regarding Fr. David’s explanation. At the conclusion of this meeting Fr David was asked about surveillance issues concerning the church being watched on his home personal computer. Fr. David got offensive when he was advised about the allegation that can bring forth serious consequences concerning violations of the Privacy Act. Fr. David denied the fact of the matter and was very upset showing anger in his expressions towards this individual. The meeting was recorded and can be used against Fr. David.

This is not an attempt to slander Fr. David’s credibility, but hold him to accountability as a Pastor of his flock bonding to the truth!

Your Excellency I felt it was necessary to inform the Vatican first before notifying you in this matter so they are aware of any consequences that may be imposed. Note: My deepest apology over stepping any boundaries concerning protocol with some members of “Rock of Salvation” music group may be appreciative in your quest to look into these matters. A response or some sign would be appreciative!

Thank, You

Recent member of: “Rock of Salvation” music group @ Spirit of Christ Catholic Community

View email response from: The Most Rev. Archbishop Charles Chaput   

Subject: RE: Audio tracks: Meeting with Fr. David Blue Jacket > Re: American Catholic Priest caught on tape during meeting displaying unfair practices concerning treatment: Abuse, and perhaps perjury. Letter addressed to Fr. David regarding music group “Rock of Salvation” for the Life-Teen Mass members being let go by new music director Ed Dill

Date: Sun, 11 Nov 2007 19:06:07 -0700

From: “Archbishop Chaput”

To: Sender (The Parishioner @ Spirit of Christ Catholic Community)

I am not able to find the time to do what you ask. I will forward this material to Father Blue Jacket and ask him to be in contact with you about it. These matters should be handled locally and not forwarded to the office of the Archbishop. That is the Christian way to act.

God bless you.


View email letter addressed to: Rev. MSGN Schmitz 

Dear, Rev. MSGN Schmitz:


The Catholic Archdiocese of Denver said you would be the person to contact concerning the priests in your diocese. Please take the time to review the attachments in order to understand the severity of issues involving the new music director @ Spirit of Christ Catholic Community and new Pastor Fr. David Blue Jacket regarding his obligations and role as a pastor. Note: Please refer to attachment #9. “LOVING PASTORS OF THE FLOCK.doc downloaded from the Vatican website.

I made several email attempts to contact Most Rev. Charles Chaput, O.F.M. Cap. Archbishop of Denver and I am under the impression from the previous email he forwarded back to me, the Archbishop feels the matters should be taken up with Fr. David Blue Jacket and be handled locally.

I’m not sure the Archbishop understood the messages forwarded to him. The Archbishop concludes: “That would be the Christian way to act”. That was my original intention as a Christian in meeting with Fr. David Blue Jacket on Friday November 2nd @ Spirit of Christ. Fr. David expressed what he felt and showed no concern. Fr. David got up-set in the meeting and ended the meeting.

I believe every attempt was made expressing my concerns and feelings to Fr. David. His mind simply was made up from the email letter he received as an attachment. Fr. David did not want to hear what I had to say.

As far as I am concerned, I went beyond the call of duty as a Christian. This meeting failed! The next step was to contact Archbishop Chaput and inform him to look into the matters. I feel according to the scriptures protocol was followed to the letter concerning problems with an elder of the church. I notified the Archbishop of these matters, and his response from an email he forwarded back me with no disrespect; I feel the Archbishop is passing the buck back to the perpetrator who instigated the problem originally!

I do understand the Archbishop’s intentions and why he requested the matters to be resolved locally as a sign in reconciling with the elder of the church (Fr. David). I would like to give Fr. David the benefit of the doubt, but feel because of the politics in the air his decision is final! Please listen to the tape and look into the matters. Please acknowledge and feel free to have Fr. David respond as a loving Pastor of his flock!

Thank, You


Evidence may be obtained through reliable source: misconduct912@netzero.com 


Received no further response from: Archbishop Chaput or Rev. MSGN Schmitz requesting disciplinary action, and no response from Fr. David Blue Jacket


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